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Blue Teal Copper Hinged Tumblestone Bracelet Handcrafted by Tumblestone Jewelry


A beautiful blue and teal tumblestone set in a copper hinged bracelet. Handmade with care by Tumblestone Jewelry.

35mm (1.75 inches) round tumblestone set in an antique copper-plated bezel hinged bracelet. Lead and nickel free. Bracelets measure approximately 65x60mm (2.65x2.36 inches).

Cabochon is made from dyed, compressed tumbleweed!
Easy to wear and a great conversational piece!
Each tumblestone has slight variations.

How are tumblestones made? Tumbleweeds are gathered from the Arizona deserts, starting with re-purposed tumbleweeds, natural plant-based dyes, proprietary binders made from natural wood resins, and thirty days of heat compression a fossilized brick of tumblestone is created.